I'm a visual artist based in Belgium. 
My style is best described as lively, authentic and raw. I tend to stir away from the projects that don’t evoke a reaction in my own gut.
 I try to balance my intuitive mindset with a good deal of technical understanding of visual language. Taking pictures is a way to notice the beautiful intricacies of life and its human beings. What makes me different is that I’m obsessed with chasing a good picture. For any given project, I want to be able to capture the right image in the right conditions. 
Today, I work with/for individuals, artists and companies. More than being the man behind the camera, I go the extra mile to design and deliver my unique perspective on the final product.
Delivering visuals and telling wonderful stories through my work is extremely fulfilling.
Check out my content and feel free to contact me if you have any enquiries, collaboration ideas or questions :)

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